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Water-Energy Efficiency Online Resources

What are the connections between saving water and saving energy? How can you save water and energy, especially during drought? What could the benefits be for our Southeastern rivers?




Water Efficiency: Economic Drivers, Alabama Successes: Learn  why water efficiency makes good economic sense and find out how some Alabama businesses have used this tactic successfully.

Cahaba River Growth Solutions Low Impact Development Toolbox: Tools for Developers

Resources from Alliance for Water Efficiency:

Water and Energy Introduction: A primer on the water-energy connection, with lots of links.

Water Saving Tips: For Residential Water Use, Indoors and Out

Resources from River Network:

Water-Energy Toolkit: Understanding the Carbon Footprint of Your Water Use

Community Water-Energy Savings Calculator

Protecting and Restoring Flows in Our Southeastern RiversReport Released September 2016 ~ prepared in concert with Alabama Rivers Alliance

Resources from National Geographic:

What Is Your Water Footprint? Take a water tour with us through your home, yard, diet, energy, and consumer choices! Then, pledge to cut your water footprint and help return more water to rivers, lakes, wetlands, underground aquifers, and freshwater species.


Other Resources: Water Saving Tips for Kids: Conservation at HomeWater conservation means doing as much as we can to not waste water when we use it. Only 1% of the water on our planet is safe, drinkable water. That means it’s a precious resource that we need to conserve as much as possible by getting into good water-using habits every day.

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