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How to report a river problem:

The Society has a long history of documenting and reporting water quality problems through the work of Dr. Randy Haddock, the CRS Field Director. The basic procedure we use is to document through photography and water samples as much information as possible about the problem. In cases where the problem is extensive, we will contact the regulatory agencies by cell phone from the field to provide a description of the problem and the directions in order to allow them sufficient time to respond. The photographs and the results of our testing are then forwarded to the regulatory agency. Our staff also spends time in the field investigating possible sources of the pollution as well as conducting record searches and doing aerial flights with the assistance of SouthWings, a non-profit conservation organization based in North Carolina that provides skilled pilots and aerial flights to enhance conservation efforts across the Southeast.

Aerial Photograph of mining operation in the Cahaba Watershed

Photo documentation of sediment pollution
in the Cahaba basin


Contact CRS to report a problem:

If you see a problem occurring in the Cahaba or one of it’s tributaries, please let our staff know by calling (205) 322-5326. We can help you with reporting the problem to the correct regulatory agency that has the authority to take enforcement action and bring the problem to a halt. CRS is not a regulatory agency, we can only make sure the information makes it to the right place and follow-up to be sure the problem is addressed.

The following is the type of information that is most helpful.

Location and directions
A description of the problem including the time and date that it was observed
If the pollution has ended or is ongoing
Any suspected sources of the pollution or even a best guess

Digital photos are best, at a resolution that allows them to be emailed to the regulatory agency and to CRS. A disposable camera also works well – you can drop off or mail the camera if you wish)

Please do not trespass or place yourself in danger. It is best to let someone know what you have observed and let the regulatory agency investigate.

Contact your state agency:

To report a sewer overflow in Jefferson County, call 205-942-0681.

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