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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Canoeing with the Cahaba River Society

Does the Cahaba River Society (CRS) rent canoes?

CRS does not rent canoes to individuals or groups. We schedule canoe trips from April – October. You must reserve a canoe(s) for these trips.

How do I make a reservation?

Call 322-5326, ext. 418 and ask for Kim.

How much does it cost to reserve a canoe?

$20/person. Children 12 and under are free and must be accompanied by an adult.

How many people can be in the canoe?

2 adults. If you have small children, you may be able to have them in the canoe with you.

What if I have a large group (over 10 people) that wants to canoe?

To make arrangements for a large group, you will need to talk to our Field Director, Dr. Randy Haddock. You can reach him at 322-5326, ext. 412.

How old do children have to be to come on a canoe trip?

Children must be at least 4 years old to participate in a canoe trip. Please remember that the Lily trips, especially, can be strenuous and may not be appropriate for small children. Moonlight trips and trips to the oxbow lakes are shorter and are on flat water and may be a better option if you have young children.

Where do we meet and how do we get to our put-in?

For Lily trips, day trips and trips to the oxbow lakes, we meet at the Colonnade Shopping Center in the Gold’s Gym parking lot. For moonlight trips, we meet at the put-in off of Hwy 280. If you are from out of town and would prefer to meet us closer to the put-in site, please call to arrange a meeting place.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your lunch, snacks, water, sunscreen, shoes that will protect your feet (old tennis shoes, water shoes), etc. You will most likely be getting wet, so you might want to have a towel or change of clothes in your car.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages?


Can I bring my dog?

We do not prohibit dogs on the trips. However, if you bring your dog, you are responsible for it.

What if I have my own canoe/kayak and would like to use it?

If you have your own canoe/kayak and would like to join the trip, there is a $10.00 reservation fee. You also need to call and let us know you plan to attend.

What if it rains the day of the trip?

If bad weather is a likely occurrence, it is likely that the trip would have to be cancelled. If, however, it is just a little rain, we would most likely take the trip. We do ask for phone numbers just in case we need to update you on weather related issues.

How do we get from the Colonnade to the put-in?

Everyone drives themselves to the put-in. Carpooling is encouraged.

How do we get back to our cars from the take-out?

We will run a shuttle to get everyone back to their car. On moonlight trips and trips to the oxbow lakes, the put-in and take-out are the same.


When does the Cahaba Lily bloom?

The blooming season for the lily is generally from mid-May until mid-June.

Where is the best place to view the lilies?

The best and one of the most accessible places to view the lilies is at the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge outside of West Blocton, Alabama. For directions to the Wildlife Refuge go to:

Can I grow the Cahaba Lily at my home?

The Cahaba Lily grows in rocky shoal areas, in clean, running water. The plant might survive 1-2 years out of its proper habitat, but the prospect for long-term survival is slim.

When is the Cahaba Lily festival?

The Cahaba Lily festival is held each year on the Saturday before Memorial Day in the town of West Blocton. For more information about the festival please visit

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