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Both the Cahaba River and the local economy benefit when people get out and visit the sites and experience the beauty of our river and its neighboring communities. Whether you are a history buff, a bird watcher, a nature lover, a hiker, paddler, or are otherwise curious about this fascinating area, there is a lot to learn and enjoy in the Cahaba River basin.

If you want to explore on you own, check out some of the destinations shown below. Or, use our “Interactive Cahaba Map

If you would like to participate in a guided canoe trip , with us, choose a date from our schedule of trips make a reservation, and come go with us!

A special small engine used to haul coal to the coke ovens. This pulled small coal cars and operated on small tracks over the tops of the bee hive ovens, allowing workers to shovel coal through the hole in the top of the oven. Once adequately filled, the coal in the oven was set afire, the oven closed-up, and the coal was thus slowly transformed into coke. Water from Caffee Creek was then used to extinguish the flame and cool the coke before it was loaded onto regular rail cars for delivery to the steel-making industry in Birmingham. This process is analogous to making charcoal from wood.

The inside of the coke ovens became glazed with volatiles chemical from the coal.

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