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Cahaba River Frydown


Sunday | September 29, 2013 | 12-4pm | Trussville Springs

What’s a Fry-Down, you ask? Think about all the fun of a barbecue contest or chili cook-off…Now replace the barbecue and chili, and you’ve about got it.

This isn’t just a party! It’s a fry-down! hili with fish, add a dash of fellowship, a splash of family fun on the river, and you’ve ’bout got it figured out:

We are pleased to report that the 2012 Fry-Down was a smash success!

Over 600 people joined us on the river for a day of fun, water-smart learning activities. Children and families filled the river, exploring the relationship between water quality, habitat, drinking water and the health of aquatic life, humans and wildlife. Twenty-seven organizations offered their knowledge about drinking water, low impact development, wildlife conservation, and ways to enjoy the Cahaba.

The Cahaba River Society combined many goals for this event: to bring new people to the River, build more support for Cahaba conservation, offer fun learning activities for all ages about how to protect our drinking water resources and use them wisely, and build new partnerships to sustain our work to ensure our Cahaba River’s healthy future.

Spectators, competitors, and environmental organizations stood together on the banks of the Cahaba River, united in support for protecting our regions’ drinking water and premier source of recreation.

Our Fry-Down competition was a great success, with 10 hotly-competing teams and an esteemed panel of judges led by George Sarris of the Fish Market, who also gave a cooking demonstration that left mouths watering. A very special thanks to: The Three Earred Rabbit, Coca-Cola; and Milo’s Tea.

kids in waterAs we planned the event we made many new friends among Trussville business and civic leaders, who strongly supported us and made Fry-Down possible. We especially thank:Trussville Springs for bringing Fry-Down to this special place beside the River; theTrussville City Council, City staff, and Mayor Melton; the Trussville News for the full page ad and article; the Trussville Tribune for their generous coverage; the Trussville Chamber of Commerce; First Baptist Church of Trussville for donating chairs, andTrussville City Schools for providing many volunteers. We deeply value these growing relationships in Trussville, which will be so helpful in all our work going forward to promote growth that sustains the Cahaba.

The Fry-Down would not have been possible without the incredible support of the CRS Board of Directors and our many volunteers. CRS is fortunate to have a strong group of leaders, who worked tirelessly to find new business and environmental partners and who volunteered their own time, talent and treasure to ensure the event’s success.  There were more than 100 volunteers who helped to plan and execute the Fry-Down, many of them Trussville residents who wanted to learn more about the river that runs through their community and how to better protect it.

We are so deeply grateful to all who attended and participated in the event. Your support helped to build on the great potential of this new event and to boost and credibility with all the partners needed to pull it off.

Thank you again for your generous support, your belief in us and your enduring love for the Cahaba River.

See you September!

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