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Cahaba River Society Assessment of the Colonial Pipeline Gasoline Leak

The Cahaba River has very narrowly missed a potentially disastrous gasoline leak from the Colonial Pipeline in west Shelby County.  According to Colonial Pipeline staff, as of September 20, the gasoline is no longer leaking and the pipeline will be flowing again by tomorrow. The leaked gasoline is reported to be 353,000 gallons, although CRS has not seen an accounting of the leaked amount that may still be in the environment. Recovery is underway.

The leak is not a threat to drinking water for the Birmingham metro area, as it is well below the part of the watershed that drains to the Birmingham Water Works intakes. We are chiefly concerned about potential groundwater contamination, and whether that could eventually threaten wells in the area and/or seep into the River.  Colonial is monitoring groundwater.

We are in conversation with Colonial about their ongoing plans for regular assessment of the integrity of the pipeline and for preventative repair and replacement to ensure that the Cahaba and other area rivers are not degraded in the future.  We appreciate quick action by the Alabama Surface Mining Commission for leak detection, Colonial Pipeline for repair, and our friends at Cahaba RiverKeeper for their onsite response. More info:

PDF of Entire Statement

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For information on Jefferson County Sewer overflows in your community, visit the Jefferson County Sanitary Sewer Overflow Advisories Page.

To report a problem, please contact CRS at (205) 322-5326, and we’ll gladly assist.

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